Do-it-yourself Wash 'n Dry

Are you tired of hurting your back bending over the bathroom tub to give your dog a bath and then cleaning up the mess? You try to throw the towel over him before he can shake himself and spatter water over the whole bathroom, but it never works.

You can wash your dog in a washtub in the backyard in the summer, but you still hurt your back and suds are not a great lawn fertilizer. And what do you do the rest of the year?

You like the convenience of taking your dog to the groomer. But why pay a groomer when all you want is to get your dog clean; if he never needs to be clipped or brushed?

That's where we come in! Our tubs are of varying heights so we can find one that will fit you without requiring you to bend over. You don't have to clean anything up afterwards and nobody minds if he shakes himself dry no matter how big he is or how long his hair. Our facility is comfortable year-round. We even have a treat for you to give your dog when he's all done.

Our wash and dry prices are based on the size of your dog:
Up to 12 pounds $9.00
12 to 25 pounds $13.00
  25 to 50 pounds $17.00
  50 to 100 pounds $21.00
  Over 100 pounds $25.00